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RGT International B.V. has 40 Years of Experience in the Greenhouse Industry,
from Material Delivery to Turn-key Projects

Quality and experience at competitive prices! 
Over the years the greenhouse industry has changed, and we have changed with it. We continually adapt new technologies, improve designs, and our constructions have become lighter but also stronger. And, in the midst of all this, we have been able keep our prices very competitive and our quality standards high.

Homeland design, Production abroad 
Our greenhouses are designed by our knowledgeable and experienced engineers. After the designs are approved, the greenhouses are produced in ultra modern facilities in China, under the high standards set by the Dutch greenhouse industry. They meet up to the building codes here in the U.S. as well as to those in Canada.

Advantages of working with us: 

  • All elements of your greenhouse are in one hand, resulting in short communication lines and no questions about responsibility.
  • Flexibility: We can supply you with materials (with or without supervisor) to turn-key projects.
  • High quality, accompanied by very economical pricing.
  • After the designs are approved, the greenhouses are economically manufactured in ultra modern facilities in China.
  • Greenhouses meet up to the strict building codes in the United States and Canada. They meet up to the high standards set by the Dutch greenhouse industry as well.
  • Everything is checked before it leaves China.

About this website
Please have a look on our website at some of our greenhouse structures, the garden centers and the architectural buildings we have designed and built over the years. You can also find information on equipment, such as energy and shading curtain, ebb and flood floors, heating systems and more.

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